The Rub

When the Rub — a Brooklyn DJ crew comprising DJ Eleven, DJ Cosmo Baker, and DJ Ayres — performs at the new Wynwood venue Bullfrog Eatz on Friday, the dance-ready patron in attendance can expect a few of the usual suspects (Miami bass, Baltimore club, rock, rip-hop, New Wave, electro, and reggae). But he should also prepare himself (stretching, weekday calisthenics) for something more.

Since 2002, at the band's famous dance parties in Brooklyn (held weekly at Park Slope venue Southpaw), the Rub has gained an avid following for hybridizing genres with the aplomb of a skilled gardener. Like Philadelphia's Hollertronix, the Rub's fans dance to Stevie Wonder, MOP, Björk, Justin Timberlake, and Young Jeezy with equal fervor.

Now they have arrived in Miami, with two Winter Music Conference appearances and an upcoming residency at Studio A in April. The especially Miami-centric groover might actually begin flailing when the crew drops its remix of "Sugar on My Tongue," a seamless polka between David Byrne's original and Trick Daddy's masterpiece re-enactment.


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