The Rat Opera

The Rat Opera, a project by Rob Elba of the Holy Terrors, is dedicated to the life and times of Rat Bastard, AKA Frank Falestra, the longtime noise artist, studio owner, producer, performer, promoter, and all-around impresario. From his home in South Florida, Rat has been making waves on the international music scene for 30-plus years.

If you have never met or spoken with Rat, you have missed out on a slice of history. The man is a walking encyclopedia of engineering knowledge, music history, and general information. He is also the musician most likely to be mentioned by other local musicians such as Mike Watt and Thurston Moore. The guy is legit all the way — he organizes the International Noise Conference every year, tours relentlessly, and records tons of music. There is so much more to be said about this guy, but hey, that's probably why Elba has put together the Rat Opera. This Saturday at Tobacco Road marks a sneak peek of the project, to be followed by a full performance at Churchill's October 3.


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