The Queers

Veteran Boston-area punk rockers the Queers aren't just another melodic, Ramones-like speed-punk band looking to scrape up a few new fans; they've been a punk institution since the early Eighties. Frontman Joe King has been the sole constant of the group since its inception, and, moshers, beware: He's never been a big fan of the violence during his shows. "With all this stupid Irish, Dropkick Murphys BS these days, the whole punk scene — what's left of it — is full of a-holes that just wanna fight."

The Heart Attacks face no such turmoil within their chosen genre, old-school hard rock that brings to mind bands like Hanoi Rocks and early Def Leppard. They're signed to Hellcat Records, an Epitaph-related imprint run by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. That relationship has put the band into perpetual touring mode. "We sort of snuck ourselves onto the bill at a festival," singer Chase Noles relates. "Tim saw us, dragged us into his tent, and signed us on the spot." — Eric W. Saeger


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