The Pinker Tones at Awarehouse February 19

Despite its girly name, The Pinker Tones is a 100 percent male band formed in 2001 by two dapper dudes from Barcelona, Salvador "Mister Furia" Rey and Alex "Professor Manso" Llovet. And if you're expecting some kind of sonic cutesiness befitting pink, you're off the mark again. There's nothing especially twee about these Tones.

Instead, the duo (or trio when DJ Niño joins the live show) has spent the last decade harnessing the combined electrified power of twin Stratocasters, keyboards, samplers, synths, and drum machines for the purposes of pure party music. The result: a singular kind of quirky, poppy, new wave-y sweetness shot through with multilingual chant-along vocals (Spanish, French, English, German) and bright flashes of funk, break beat, and psychedelia. It's kinda geeky. But it's always fun.

And that's really The Pinker Tones's hook: On this late date in the ongoing evolution of popular music, so many bands are just too cool, too deeply embedded in influence, or too freaking bored to actually enjoy themselves. But whether it's on records such as last year's Modular or out on the road in front of several thousand dancing fanatics, the Tones can't help having a good time.


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