The Oski Foundation

The Oski Foundation is bound for glory

The Oski Foundation will headline at one of Miami's most creativity-friendly venues, the Wallflower Gallery, at its grand reopening celebration in early December. Mixing a smorgasbord of genres and musical styles, the Oskis, since their 1999 inception, have conquered more than 100 local spots, including Tobacco Road, Churchill's, and Señor Frog's. The Foundation's hip-hop emphasis is formed by Omar "Oski" Gonzalez and backed by guitarist D-Nasty. Other performers often join the crew onstage for late-night impromptu selections.

Oski's lyrics range from blunt comments to complex metaphors. The Foundation is probably going to be the next South Florida act to achieve upward, out-of-town mobility, so catch it while it's still around.

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