Victor Calderone loves Giorgio and Donna
Victor Calderone loves Giorgio and Donna

The Moroder the Merrier

The great cultural seesaw between New York and Miami tilts southward, sending one of the Big Apple's icons sliding into Twilo, fittingly enough.

The transplanted superclub, nixed during Rudy Giuliani's near-thorough cleansing of high-end places that tend to dump heaps of bloody MDMA casualties at emergency room doors, will be reunited with A-lister DJ Victor Calderone, whose rep, thanks to Madonna's and Sting's use of his skills, is a combination of untouchable fabulousity and fearsome Dark Lord of House.

The former resident DJ at Liquid and current father of a three-year-old boy has allowed some gray into his life as well as his hair. Epitomizing the folly of workaholism, he'll wistfully confess to a desire to return to the days when he was just another rising talent who didn't think twice before yanking Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" or similar Giorgio Moroder product — which he secretly adores — out of his duffel.


Victor Calderone

Victor Calderone performs with Abel at 11:00 p.m. Saturday, November 25, at Twilo, 30 NE 11th St, Miami. Admission is $45; limited tickets are available. Ages 21 and older are welcome with ID. Call 305-350-1851 for more information.

And there's the restaurant thing. In the early Nineties he needed "a break from the drama" of showbiz and the paralyzing horsecrap that goes with it, so he dropped out and bought into a NYC eatery, which he immediately backdropped with chill and ambient soundscapes. This little diversion got old in 1996, after which he rejoined the circuit, with extreme prejudice. Although he still has to endure the occasional rat-fink club owner who is more concerned with profit than sound, the Phazon system at Twilo is truly a homecoming.

So when you're handing your keys over to the valet (you know the one) and bouncing with your drink in a spill-tested shimmy, don't envy the man's success — there's a crazy chance you're living his dream right now.


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