The Linx

Usually once a South Florida band has achieved a modicum of success and national exposure, it leaves our little corner of the world and sets off for greener pastures. Bucking this trend, the genre-scaling gymnasts in the Linx are returning to the South Florida live music scene after a two-year hiatus. Scene veterans might remember the Linx's fusion of rock, hip-hop, R&B, and jazz from the group's many gigs at Automatic Slim's and Tobacco Road. And though dabbling in many different genres generally indicates that you've failed to master one — and the Linx bandmates do at times sound like dilettantes — at least members Nikel, Didwell, and Alej are able to imbue their explorations with a degree of talent. Those who like hip-hop and rock clearly segregated may want to steer clear, but those who don't mind an amalgamation of the two should take note.


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