The Juan MacLean at Bardot April 7

DFA Records' love affair with Miami continues. And what has seemingly become the label's home-away-from-home venue, Bardot, is once again opening its midtown doors to welcome former Six Finger Satellite guitarist and DFA fan favorite Juan MacLean.

This Saturday marks MacLean's return to the intimate Miami lounge where he appeared alongside labelmates Nancy Wang and Holy Ghost! only five months ago. In December 2011 during Basel week, DFA Records celebrated its tenth anniversary at Bardot. But MacLean, who kept "popping in and out of the booth" during Wang's set, took the helm shortly after 1:30 a.m. and hijacked the party. Throughout the evening, the accomplished DJ unloaded a stream of bass-heavy dance jams, dropping tracks reminiscent of DFA boss James Murphy's collaborative set with LCD Soundsystem bandmate Pat Mahoney just two days prior.

But this weekend at Bardot, MacLean will be the lone DFA representative. We're certain he's comfortable with going solo, though. "DJing can get a little bit lonely," he told New Times in 2009. "But at the same time, one of the things I love about DJing is that I'm the only one there, sort of on the line. If things go badly, it's my problem. But if things go well, I can take the credit for it."


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