The Independents

Horror music buffs know their Cramps, their Misfits, their eerie Jack Starr homemade tapes of the early Sixties, and basically every twang set to B-grade celluloid. But one of the truest horrors beset upon mankind was the recharged wave of ska-related bands of the early Nineties. Either on purpose or by accident, Wild Willy B. and friend Evil Presley decided to blast their modest South Carolina digs with an amalgamation of horror, punk, and (gasp!) ska — though the ska parts are closer to agitated surf. But whatever; point is: This racket has been going on for a long time. It's no secret that "God Among Men" Joey Ramone managed the Independents and doted on them before leaving the mortal plane. A hectic three-month tour lies ahead of them in support of their new full-length, Eternal Blood, and they will grace Miami with two horror-filled shows.


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