The Independents

The Eighties were like a virgin, touched for the very first time (Madonna was everywhere). While some of us were sporting feathered hair, sleeveless zebra-print T-shirts, and tight leather pants, others were listening to Suicidal Tendencies and skateboarding through the mall. Whether your fancy was for cock rock, punk rock, or bubblegum rock, you can enjoy the cheesiness of the Eighties today at Kaffe Krystal.

For the past three years, Rei Horror of Venom Web Productions has been booking his inimitable Tribute to the Eighties. "I like to do one every year. I get a bunch of hardcore, punk, and metal bands to come out and pay respect to that decade. The Eighties seemed like a fun time," he says.

This year's show will be headlined by The Independents, a South Carolina band formerly managed and produced by the late Joey Ramone. Fifteen other hot young stud-muffin bands will also pay homage to the decade that gave us shoulder pads, the Space Shuttle, and (of course) Slayer.


The Independents

The Tribute to the Eighties show takes place on Saturday, May 19, at Kaffe Krystal, 10855 SW 72nd Ave, Kendall Lake. Doors open at 3:00 p.m., admission is $10, and all ages are welcome. Visit, or call 305-283-6519.

"We're going to put scarves on the microphone stands, like Aerosmith. It was such an awesome decade, but it was kinda cheesy too," says Gary Bennete, lead singer of local band Stallions of the Night. The Stallions will be covering songs from Quiet Riot, Duran Duran, and Motley Crue.

"We like American hardcore punk, like you know, the Circle Jerks," says fifteen-year-old Louis Gyfaro, ax man for another local outfit, the Dischords. His band will be covering Black Flag's "Rise Above" as part of the tribute. As for the audience, wear your Eighties gear (available in reproduction form at Hot Topic) for a chance to win prizes.


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