The Horrors

The Horrors' look will surely generate more attention than their sound, though large masses of spiked black mops and crazed, kohl-rimmed stares are things worth discovering. A deep-throated vocal leads the punky, psychy, sounds-like-it-was-recorded-in-the-garage-on-a-portable-tape-recorder-with-the-help-of-a-Bontempi-keyboard five songs that make up the group's first offering, a brief but powerful EP. Fur-lined feedback and bottom-of-the-can Aqua Net are friends of the Horrors. Their breakout single, "Sheena Is a Parasite," owes as much to the Ramones as it does to Blur's everyman banter and the Sex Pistols' angry shouts. — Lily Moayeri


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