The Golden Filter
The Golden Filter

The Golden Filter: A Visual Primer

Saturday, nu-disco duo the Golden Filter returns to Miami a third time, this time at Grand Central. But the Golden Filter is more than just syrupy snyth ballads, they pack a visual punch too. Their videos and photography only add to the dream-like sequence you get when listing to their material. Hell, they even have a Tumblr photo blog, most of which is taken by the Golden Filter (Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman). So as a primer for their upcoming show, we give you a visual guide to the band.

And in case your are wondering, tickets are still available through for $10. Doors open at 11 p.m; 18+ for girl, 21+ for guys with ID.

"Solid Gold"


"Hide Me" (Teaser)


"Memorial Day" (Unreleased pre-Golden Filter 2007 track)

"Longest Night of the Year"


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