The Glimmers

What's delectably greasy, crunchy, tasty, and from Belgium besides frites? Well, the Glimmers, for one, the electro-disco-punk duo of Mo and Benoelie, who hail from Ghent. The current crop of Internet wannabe electrohouse producers wishes it had such an instinctive understanding of the dance floor as these DJs, remixers, and producers. Part of that, of course, comes from some 20 years of experience playing parties in their hometown, where they were soon ensnared by the electronic music known then as Belgian New Beat. But they never let go of their musical roots, frequently sliding punk and rock tracks into their sets, often to the dismay of the city's heterodox house-heads.

The grab-bag approach would soon influence their own musical creations, running new rock acts such as Phoenix as well as house masters such as Sylvester through the remix machine. What it spit out were rollicking tracks both buttery and rough, shoulder-shimmy anthems just distorted enough, just danceable enough. That sensibility has continued in recent years, with everyone from indie bed-wetters Snow Patrol to big-beat veterans the Chemical Brothers getting a Glimmers workout.

A series of high-profile mix albums, including a DJ Kicks installment for !K7 and a Fabriclive compilation, only raised the duo's international profile. After all of this, the two have finally released their debut, all-original album, Gee Gee Fazzi. However, you won't find it in stores — it's available only at their appearances, so head to Poplife this Saturday if you want a real-deal copy.


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