The Faint

Whereas gritty dramatists such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, and Devo once existed in a vacuum, flouting pop tradition with idiosyncratic, synth-borne friction, new school progeny The Faint exists as if in a vacuum bag. The Omaha, Nebraska quintet amasses stylized flecks within its syncopated voltage-spiked vortex and spits forth stylistic hopscotch on its first full-length since 2001. "Erection" draws from the glam clap and growling yawn of German schaffel techno. "I Disappear" features fuzzy walking bass and punk-funk guitar scratch. Overall, Wet From Birth is a playful and elastic album from the Faint, which has grown adept at acknowledging its inspirations, but not quite accomplished enough yet to absorb them.


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