The Eight Best Halloween Songs From Miami Musicians

Miamians pose during a stroll on Lincoln Road on Halloween 2015.EXPAND
Miamians pose during a stroll on Lincoln Road on Halloween 2015.
Photo by Chris Carter

It's Halloween season, and while the rest of the country is carving pumpkins and sippin' spiced lattes, Miami is doing spooky the only way it knows how: with really, really weird partying.

A lot of scariness and strangeness happens around these parts, so it's only natural that the oddballs who make music in the 305 find their tracks colored by our Bermuda Triangle vibe. Of course, Miamians love to party, and you are probably planning your own Monster Mixes for some devilish dance time. Why not curate something with local flavor?

From beelzebub booty bass to trick-or-treat trap, here are eight fabulously freaky Miami music originals for your Halloween fiesta.

Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids – "Dope Hat"
Everything Marilyn Manson has ever done is some kind of Halloween-ready spectacle. For the purposes of this list, we take it back to the early days when Fort Lauderdale's own Brian Warner was just a pale string bean of a person running around South Florida stages with Scooby Doo lunch boxes, before he blew up into the biggest and scariest superstar in America.

Notorious Nasty – "It's Friday, I'm a Goth"
Goths love Halloween. It's like goth-kid Christmas. The Cure are one of the holiest goth bands to ever don the color black, and local stage legend Notorious Nasty gets real weird on this crazed parody. He filmed it one night at the Kitchen Club, South Florida's longest-running goth club.

Miami Booty Club – "Possessed"
What kind of demons lurk in South Beach? Check out the twerking maniacs in this video, where the spirit of Miami bass past climbed all up into these behinds and set them aflame with twerking terror. Otto von Schrirach and Debbie D. Attias are the twisted minds behind Miami Booty Club, and if anyone can possess the rear with fear, it's these two.

Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze – "Spooked"
Miami hero DJ Craze teamed up with Bro Safari for this spooktacular trap tune. It's got a ghostly atmosphere and features the terrifying laughter of Vincent Price. Put this one on blast and watch the trick-or-treaters lose their tiny minds.

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