The Death Set at the Vagabond March 4

People think the music is a lot more punk than it actually is because of the live show. It's always based around craziness and energy. When people listen to the record, they find it's a lot different," says Death Set frontman Johnny Siera. "I'm even more stoked when people are whistling a tune down the street after listening to the record [than when they're] going crazy at the show."

You can imagine Death Set on an enormous stage at some international festival. But this band's real power stems from its peculiar, haphazard feel. Over time, the Set has stepped up the production on its records, which is fine. But if Siera somehow transformed from an impish fire-starter into a virtuosic vocalist or if everyone began wrapping everything in a polite, manageable package, the thrill would disappear. Death Set feeds off chaos. And that's exactly how we like it.


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