The Dan Band: Catch these comedy movie regulars at Brew at the Zoo.
The Dan Band: Catch these comedy movie regulars at Brew at the Zoo.

The Dan Band Plays Brew at the Zoo

Yes, he is that guy who specializes in those awkward yet hilarious covers of female pop songs, which you might have seen in movies such as Old School, Starsky & Hutch, and The Hangover. If you still aren't familiar with funnyman Dan Finnerty, frontman of the Dan Band, take the time to laugh your socks off at their cover of "Genie in a Bottle" or original "Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday." Finnerty recently took time to chat about astronauts, kaiser rolls, Michael Jackson, and his role as director Todd Phillips's good luck charm.

New Times: What can Dan Band fans look forward to when you play live in Miami?

Finnerty: Um, the best night of their life. Have you seen the show? Well, it's funny and I would like it if I wasn't in it. It all started out as a drunk karaoke joke where I got up and sang "I Am Woman." I slowly keep adding woman songs and bad choreography, and it kind of exploded from there. Guys singing girls' songs — what's not funny about that?


The Dan Band

The Dan Band: With Juke and King Bee. At New Times' Brew at the Zoo event. 5 p.m. Saturday, May 1. Miami Metrozoo, 12400 SW 152nd St., Miami. Tickets cost $25 to $65; ages 21 and up;

Speaking of guys singing girls' songs, I noticed on your MySpace page that you love "ladies who don't take no crap." Are there specific female pop stars you idolize?

Yeah, that's a good question. I guess it would start with what's her name? Janis Joplin. She didn't take any crap, just a lot of drugs. And I guess Amy Winehouse. She also takes drugs and no crap. And then I'll take an occasional Salt-n-Pepa or TLC.

How do you feel about being called the good luck charm for Todd Phillips, director of Old School and The Hangover?

Yeah, I'll take it. I like that. I like being a charm that is good luck. Believe me, I'll do anything he says. I just sit around waiting for him to make a movie so I can try to get in it.

In terms of past Phillips movies, who in the Dan Band is Frank "the Tank" from Old School? Let's be honest — someone has that role.

You know, there is one back-up singer who definitely could fit that description, and I'll let the audience try to figure that out at the show this Saturday.

Do you have any plans for future albums?

We came out with Ho: A Dan Band Christmas, and we are also working on a wedding album.

A wedding album? Do you play a lot of weddings?

No, we don't. I played one wedding even before we did Old School as a favor to a friend who does a lot of stuff at our shows. It was horrific. You know, those poor grandmas go get their hair done and pick out their dress a month before, and they sit at 8 in the morning with their purse in their lap waiting to go to their grandchild's wedding. Then a band like us starts jumping around and swearing and stuff.

The more horrified the grandma got at this particular wedding, the more nervous I got, and then whenever I get nervous I grab my crotch and swear. Then I was literally like a Tourette's self-groper who was causing her to choke on the chicken that she waited all day for. So now I just tell people to play the MP3 of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" when their friends are all drunk and the grandmas have gone home. It's to protect the grandmas.

The Dan Band: Catch these comedy movie regulars at New Times' Brew at the Zoo.
The Dan Band: Catch these comedy movie regulars at New Times' Brew at the Zoo.


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