The Cultura Festival

The apparent goal of this local-artist extravaganza, according to the tireless Oski Gonzalez and his cohort, the anonymous Queen of the Scene, is to present "culturally diverse artists." Well, that's sort of a given in Miami, no? In any event, Oski has again done what he does best — arranged a huge event, running on love and good vibes, that gives a platform to up-and-coming acts regardless of genre conventions or scene politics. During an eight-hour marathon, more than 27 musical acts will play on four stages (taking both floors of Tobacco Road, its patio, and even its parking lot). There'll also be comedians and vendors and artists and the seemingly requisite drum circle.

Many of the acts this time boast a world music (whatever that means) bent. There's the forward-thinking cumbia rock of the outstanding Bachaco, and the new-agey, Eastern-flecked trancey trip-outs of Amereida. But then there are the classic blues stylings of Big Poppa E. And the radio-ready R&B/rock fury of Raging Geisha. And the clicking, Postal Service-style electro-pop of Viajeros. Even glammy death rock courtesy of Mess Änger! If anything, the Cultura Festival proves that the true meaning of "diversity" in music is about dropping all preconceived notions.


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