The Corrs

The four genetically blessed siblings collectively known as the Corrs hail from Irish environs, so it's no surprise their sound boasts a certain measure of folk finesse. Despite the cute and cuddly approach that has marked their previous efforts, they have always stayed in touch with tradition through the use of fiddles, tin whistles, and of course their charming homegrown accents. Still, it has taken up until now, with the release of aptly titled album Home, for them to actually shed their pop posturing in favor of a full-on return to their roots. Although the songs sung in Gaelic might sound alien to American ears, their purified and polished versions of "Heart Like a Wheel" and Richard Thompson's heart-wrenching "Dimming of the Day" ought to offer fans a way to relate. Granted, their genteel approach sometimes undercuts the authenticity of these well-burnished ballads, but regardless, Home emphasizes the tuneful in the traditional.


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