The Church at the Vagabond September 4

After the good boys and girls sang hymns Sunday mornings, the rest of us gathered at Groove Jet Sunday nights for a more entertaining musical experience called the Church.

At this classic '90s party, the Normal's "Warm Leatherette" and Real Life's "Send Me an Angel" inspired many a Kendall girl to gothic-two-step till dawn, when she ran home to the safety of her coffin. You might have even heard the words, "Your pain is my pleasure," whispered into your ear as you floated through the crowd of pale faces in Elizabethan regalia.

Holy piercings and lace! Those with a taste for retro goth will be glad to hear that the Church will rise again at the Vagabond this weekend. The invite for this reincarnation of the celebrated night "beckons your submission" to attend. And dark days will return with music spun by classic Churchgoers such as Danny Bled and Tommy Gunn, Dracula's Daughter, DJ Dino, Ray Milian, Carmel Ophir, Desiree, and Nitebloom. Vampires, deviants, Robert Smith-alikes, and regular old '90s nostalgists are all welcome.


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