The Business

Since the late 1970s, Micky Fitz and the Business have been doing their thing — writing songs for the working class, in the tradition of street punk and Oi! Fitz formed the band as a reaction to the arty types co-opting the punk subculture. To that end, he focused the substance of his band's songs on topics for real people, people who were earning their way in the world with their hands and sweat. Some three decades later, the Business is still producing material in that vein, from "Harry May" through to the more recent football-focused "England 5 – Germany 1." And while the supporting cast has changed over the years, Fitz has remained a consistent frontman, conducting catchy numbers that almost always entice the audience into sing-alongs. The Business has what it takes to move a mixed crowd of punks, hardcore kids, and general rock 'n' roll fans; just be ready to dance, and dance hard.


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