The Business

Two punk/hardcore/oi! powerhouses collide within the confines of Churchill's for what will surely be a drunken testosterone orgy. Legendary British street punk the Business has two-plus decades of fist-waving anthems to its credit, while New Yorker verité Roger Miret of the Disasters made his unquestionable bones fronting Agnostic Front. Though a slight departure from the heavy AF stuff, this music is within the stem of the Business's roots in the second wave of British punk; the working-class experience continues to fuel a growing catalogue that hasn't energy to age. (Secretly I can't wait to blast the Business's "Maradona" during the coming World Cup to irritate the fuck out of my Argentine friends.) The Disasters are coming off the high of releasing their second album (1984) last year and are plowing through the U.S. on their mission of playing to 50 or 5000. Aside from the millions of bands spawned across the globe based on these groups' collective output, the greatest lesson for the youngsters should be the integrity and discipline that has guided both outfits.


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