The Bravery

Bust out your skinny ties and gel up your best bed-head hair, boys, because the Bravery is coming to town. Like New York's Interpol, Vegas's the Killers, and Scotland's Franz Ferdinand, the Bravery is one of many bands these days channeling Eighties New Wave, sporting dance-inducing rock riffs, keyboard fun, and impeccable fashion sense. The mop-topped fivesome's frontman, singer/guitarist Sam Endicott, was raised near the nation's capital and claims such influences as Fugazi, Nirvana, and Jane's Addiction. But it was the catchy, electro-pop "Honest Mistake" that was the group's hit single last year and had local indie kids shaking their moneymakers at weekly parties like I/O's Poplife. They'll be in town promoting their self-titled album.


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