The Black Death All-Stars

And so continues DIY punks' fascination with bluegrass. Among a subset of youth that patches its own pants and enjoys hitchhiking to places such as Pensacola, the fiddle and jug have sparked a frisson of authentic Americanness. This explains why almost every college town has bearded types sitting on a street corner, busking and playing Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel."

Still, some genuinely talented groups have arisen out of this mini scene, the most popular probably being O'Death, from New York. The purposely rootless Black Death All-Stars mine similarly wistful, rootsy musical territory, and win for featuring some feminine energy and for traveling with a stand-up bass. And who could resist romantic lyrics such as "Take off your Carhartts/And your bandanna/Your name ain't Suitcase/Your name's Amanda"?

Ride your bicycle to this show, and leave all name-brand clothing at home, lest you risk withering scorn. All sarcasm aside, support the Firefly, because those kids deserve a gold fucking medal for keeping anything truly underground going in this sunny-shady town.


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