The Angst

Orlando outfit the Angst formed in 2004, but these guys could have come straight out of the early '80s punk scene. Uncompromising in energy and melody, with the standard shout-along choruses and aggressive hooks, the Angst has toured with some of its similarly minded musical heroes, including GBH and the Casualties. Some of the band's songs are infectious in their repetition — take the song "Insanity," which clocks in at just under two minutes yet repeats the chorus, "Insanity, Oi! Oi! Oi!," 12 times. Another highlight from the band's oeuvre is "Take a Look Around," which delivers more careful guitar work without losing the band's usual force. True, some songs fall short in content owing to stale politics, failing to provide any insight beyond society-sucks-and-we're-punks maxims. But if the lyrics sometimes don't deliver, the energy of the band will compensate for those looking for a good punch in the face. And what's punk if not the occasional bloody nose?


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