The 25 Richest Musicians of 2012

Music is where the money is.

Well, not if you're some struggling indie band or sorry wannabe DJ in some pitiful college town.

But according to Forbes, 2012 saw some big-money winners in hip-hop, country, pop, and rock. A lot of classic icons made big comebacks with massive tours, and some newer faces proved they've got what it takes to stick around.

But who took the top spot? Check out the 25 richest musicians of 2012.

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25. Sade ($33 million)

This smooth operator hasn't been up to a whole lot in the recent decade, but a super-stacked tour earned the crooner enough dough to round-out the list this year. She booked almost 100 dates, and now she's singing all the way to the bank.

24. Michael Buble ($34 million)

Your mom loves him, and he loves your mom, because this Canadian is raking in the mom millions. Thanks for a successful tour and a top-selling Christmas album, this bro is living it up like Frank Sinatra for a new generation. Alright, a little less mafia.

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