Evelyn Posada



Tereso: n. (1) Literal: Argentine slang for a piece of shit; (2) Modern: an Argentine rock band created in Miami whose hard-driving, retro-grunge rock causes audiences to bang their heads, shake their butts, and flail like entranced Pentecostals tripping into sideways jumping jacks. After eleven years rocking the local music scene, Tereso has finally harnessed its raw yet harmonious sound for its first full-length disc, the long-awaited Youth Divine Treasure.

The CD features a milieu of growls, pounding drums, and electrified guitar solos that is normally the province of spike-haired teenagers high on testosterone. That Juan Rozas (vocals/guitar), Ricardo Mazzi (drums), Chelo Crocetti (vocals/guitar), and Alejo Rozas (bass) are all around age 30 is a testament to their love of the music. Their age has perhaps also allowed them to deliver this music without the now-requisite (and increasingly boring) teenage angst. It's the kind of music that will have you jumping up and down on your mattress and playing the air guitar. It's the kind of blaring vibrations that will have the crotchety old snowbirds in the apartment below banging their broomstick on your ceiling.



Tereso performs Friday, December 16, at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. Tickets cost $15. For more information, call 305-757-1807.

Such confrontations can be easily avoided by packing in the air guitar and heading over to Churchill's, where you'll be able to scream, "Tereso is the shit!" as loudly as you want.


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