Ten Worst Celebrity Rappers

The sparkly vampire wants to spit.
The sparkly vampire wants to spit.

It's usually weird when actors spit rhymes, but it's even weirder when you find out the sparkly vampire hunk from Twilight wants to be a rapper named "Big Tub."

That's the truth Robert Pattinson revealed on the couch with Seth Meyers on Late Night. The poor kid was self-conscious about his weight (that's not a problem anymore, honey), and he used to record his songs with hoodie zipper effects in lieu of actual record scratching.

That is probably the cutest and saddest thing we've ever heard, but it got us thinking about all the other cute and sad celebrity rap careers failures through the years. Let's reminisce together.

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Marky Mark

Everyone loves Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, right? Mark Whalberg was incredibly ripped at this point in his life. This is what happens when you let Vanilla Ice top the charts. "C'mon c'mon / feel it feel it." Silly white boys. As long as their shirts are off, who cares what they sound like?

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is basically a genius. His bizarre retirement from acting and subsequent terrible rap career was all part of an amazing performance art piece that culminated in the film I'm Still Here, and if you haven't seen it, we highly recommend you give it a watch. That's method acting to a whole new level, and here's the bearded mess performing at our very-own LIV Nightclub like a real homeless monster. He even fights some douche in the crowd! Love it.

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