The Leftovers open for the Queers at Respectable Street on Saturday.
The Leftovers open for the Queers at Respectable Street on Saturday.
photo by Kim Fix

Ten Under $10 for the Weekend of September 24 - 26

Rejoice, fellow broke-asses. The recession is kind of good for us, because finally, there is no societal shame in our thrifty-nightlife game. Now the whole word is trying to perfect its get-in-free-or-cheap and procure-free-drinks methods, when we've already refined them. This is a particularly good weekend for partying on the cheap -- free free free Jose Cuervo Platino tonight, for one thing, and a free free free daylong festival of most good current bands tomorrow. Here's a quick round-up.

Friday, September 24

*The Postelles are another New York Buzz Buzz Band (TM) whose name you will have heard if you read blogs or Magazines Created by People in New York. They play a show at Club 50 at the Viceroy in Miami (oh, the swank!) tonight, and although you were supposed to RSVP by, uh, yesterday, technically it's free.... And there's a free Jose Cuervo Platino bar from 8 to 10 p.m. Turn on the gift of gab and you should be fine. Click here for full details.

*Free roots reggae from Eyenity, at Gordon Biersch in Brickell, "the fiscal whore of Babylon...." Click here for full details. 

*The Colossal Music Fest starts today. It's another production by Oski and Queen of the Scene, and if you're familiar with those, expect a gigantic grab-bag of genres and a whole lotta love. Tonight, it takes place at Tobacco Road in Miami, and admission (for three stages of music) is $10. Click here for full details. 

*If you're over 21, you have probably never heard of Forty Winters, but trust us, they play basically every hardcore/metal-type of show on the Broward County all-ages circuit. I think that means they sell lots of T-shirts; they sure do have an awfully complicated merch stand at every gig. Tonight they play at the Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines with a bunch of other bands, for $7. Click here for full details. 

*Classic East Coast-style hardcore/punk stuff from Boston transplants Howitzer, for $5. Guess where? Yes, of course it's at Churchill's, in Miami. Click here for full details. 

Saturday, September 25

*Death to the Sun Festival at Legion Park in Miami: Make it happen. Get there. It's free, and runs from your likely wake-up time (around 2 p.m.) to well past midnight. Click here for the full musical lineup and schedule. 

*The Queers were basically the best pop-punk band -- along with Screeching Weasel -- before the term "pop-punk" came to mean idiot kids with ugly neon T-shirts. The Queers are still around and still kick ass, and they bring the also kick-ass new group the Leftovers to open for them at Respectable Street in West Palm tonight. Admission is just $10Click here to discover the Leftovers, and click here for full details about the show. 

*The Colossal Music Fest also continues tonight but moves to Churchill's. Admission is, again, $10Click here for full details. 

*We blahg about these bands all the time, so they must be good, right? Angry Pudding, Stonefox, Psycho Daisies, and Dirty Boxes at Alligator Alley in Fort Lauderdale, for just $5Click here for full details.

Sunday, September 26

*Aren't Sundays good for family time? Your parents will possibly be stoked for a free afternoon show (good timing with the early-bird specials) by the Tokens, at Meyer Amphitheatre in West Palm. For us post-boomers, you just need to know they hit it big with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in 1961. Click here for full details.


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