Ten Signs Your Band Won't Make It at SXSW

With more work, maybe Dave Grohl (seated on drums) can finally find success in the music business.
Being a successful musician really has to be a slice of heaven. And of course the chicks are great.

It's why from the beginning of time, men (and women) have taken up instruments in the chance they will be played in front of many, many others, some of whom could possibly want to have sex with them. Oh, and money is a factor too.

Even guys like Bon Iver get mad tail, and he basically weeps for two hours onstage. But alas, not everyone will make it in the cruel music biz, that slurring, drunken sea-bitch of an industry.

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A group of SXSW street urchins contributing nothing to society except parody Twitter accounts and body odor.
Here are a few signs that perhaps your band or act won't be leaving SXSW with a handful of licensing and label offers. Time to go back to college, learn 50 cover tunes, and find a steady bar gig.

I am crying a single tear for you tonight, tinny, ragtag band playing Godsmack covers somewhere in Clear Lake.

10. You have told the crowd "Hello" three times in 30 minutes.

HI! Hello! Yes, we see you! We are happy that you are here too! Do you want me to email these pictures to your parents at home?

9. No one has Instagram-ed any pictures of your set.

If your band plays for an hour and the set is not immortalized on Instagram in a beautiful Hudson, Valencia, or Willow filter, then you just wasted a week of your life in Texas. Congrats. Couldn't you have eaten a cigarette or something, like the Foxy Shazam guy?

8. You are still handing out burned discs.

What are these? Holographic, mirrored coasters? The only holographic anything I wanna see at SXSW is Hologram Keith Moon playing drums for Dave Grohl. Maybe invest in a stack of download cards that fit easily in a pocket and not a disc, which does not.

7. You handed ME a flier.

I hate fliers, and they clog up the streets by Saturday night, and homeless people use them as toilet paper, and someone has to clean that up, but not you. You are in a van on the way back to Michigan talking about the drunk UT chick you think you almost banged. No fliers, folks. Killing Mother Earth? Is that what you want your Christian prog-metal band's legacy to be?

6. You don't believe in social media at all as a promo tool.

You aren't Jandek. You probably need a BandCamp site. And a Twitter. And a Facebook page and whatever ReverbNation is.

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