Ten Rock Star Members of the Dead at 27 Club

Amy Winehouse's death has inspired numerous discursive threads, including speculation about her yet-to-be-revealed cause of death, the paparazzi (and YouTube's) hyperdocumentation of her slow unraveling, and the deep tragedy of the young singer's thorny personal life.

In the face of much morbid, pop culture rumination, a dominant Facebook theme seems to be Amy's induction into rock and roll's Dead at 27 Club, a bizarre hall of fame filled with musicians who kicked the bucket at 27.

After the jump, Crossfade lists ten rock star members of the Dead at 27 Club, plus their cause of death.

10. The Stooges' Dave Alexander vs. Pulmonary Edema

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The original bassist for The Stooges, Dave Alexander, died of pulmonary edema, essentially lung failure.

9. The Grateful Dead's Ron "Pig Pen" McKernan vs. Booze

The Grateful Dead bassist died from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage caused by alcoholism.

8. Janis Joplin vs. Drugs

While onstage Janis shrieked like no other. But she ultimately met her demise via run-of-the-mill overdose.

7. Jim Morrison vs. "Heart Failure"

The Lizard King's cause of death was determined to be "heart failure" thanks to the mysterious lack of an autopsy. Did Jim Morrison really have a heart attack? Or is he hiding in an igloo with Elvis, Tupac, and Andy Kaufman?

6. Jimi Hendrix vs. Booze, Sleeping Pills, and Vomit

Drugs and alcohol didn't kill Jimi Hendrix. But they did make him puke in his sleep, which was final blow for the guitar virtuoso.

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