Ten Richest DJs: From Pauly D to Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, and Tiesto

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Dear haters ...

Even though beefcake-y blonde Dutch disc jockey Tiësto is kind of a corporate whore, he's also a pranksterish dude who enjoys talking shit, shooting champagne corks at the pilots of his private jet with Swedish House Mafia, and laughing in the faces of all those people who sarcastically describe him as Mr. Tiësticle.

So it's no surprise that the joke's on us. Because while we try to scrape $10 outta the coin jar for a night of cheap beer and local tunes, Tiësto is banking $22-million per year, dropping beats on South Beach, popping bottles in Ibiza, copping ass in other exotic locales, and topping Forbes' list of the world's Electronic Cash Kings.

He is incredibly wealthy. And we're not. Other party people with unbelievable amounts of money: Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, and even Jersey Shore's Pauly Fucking D. Just see the cut for the full list of the richest DJs on Planet Earth.

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10. Avicii: $7 Million Per Year

Whenever this 22-year-old Swedish master of progressive uhntz-uhntz shakes his Ralph Lauren-clad ass and performs synchronized fistpumps with BFF Madonna while singing, "Ooohooh, sometimes ... I get a feeling," he actually means fat fucking checks.

9. Afrojack: $9 Million Per Year

Who knew that dating Paris Hilton, partying with Pitbull, and "Rock[ing] the House" paid $25,000 a day? Well, Afrojack ... 'Cause he's gotta hire an entire team of personal valets just to lug his bags of cash from gig to gig.

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