Ten Reasons to Not Hate Skrillex

David Guetta might have changed the entire sound of commercial pop and Deadmau5 may have gotten legions of clubbers to don faux rodent heads. But there's no question that over the past year, the hottest name in electronic dance music is Skrillex, born Sonny Moore.

The polarizing artist has been alternately praised and vilified for his take on dubstep, which, frankly, bears little resemblance to the genre's beginnings.

But while haters are gonna hate, even the most grudgingly puritanical ravers have to admit that this asymmetrically haired dude sorta deserves his due.

So here are ten reasons to not hate Skrillex.

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10. Skrillex Is Better Than Screamo

OK, Moore has a well-documented screamo past. And yes, this is funny. The band for which he served as lead singer, From First to Last, specialized in an intense kind of naked angst. It sure seemed like a good idea if you encountered it in your teens and early 20s. But the whole thing's sorta embarrassing now. Any move away from sing-screaming about topics like body dysmorphia and overwrought relationship drama is a step up.

9. He Made It Cool for Kids to Dance Again

Sure, someone from the rock world comes along every five years and "makes it cool for kids to dance again." So what? Skrillex is that pied piper for the so-caled scene-kid generation. Out with the pop-punk bands, in with laptops and raves. This is a good thing 'cause the latter-day Warped Tour acts were sounding pretty stale.

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