Ten of Miami's Oldest Bars

Tobacco Road, keeping it real since 1912.
Tobacco Road, keeping it real since 1912.
Photo by George Martinez/gmartnx.com

You can tell a lot about a city by its bar scene.

Just take a look at Miami. The Magic City may be home to some of the flashiest uhntz-uhntz powerhouses in the country, but the 305 wouldn't be the nightlife mecca of the south if it wasn't for the vision set by our thirsty founding fathers and their love of beer.

In honor of our hardcore party rep, here are ten of Miami's oldest bars that have kept their doors open throughout the years, dating from the 1980s and beyond.

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Ten of Miami's Oldest Bars
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10. Nite Cap Lounge

Nite Cap is your typical neighborhood dive bar ... Except more patriotic than anything you'll ever see in Miami and over 30 years old. Cookie McAlpine and her husband have called the bar their own for the past 22 years, but the original owners, a husband and wife, are the ones responsible for instilling that quirky vibe. Back in the day, the wife and musician of the family would play the organ that was up on the stage. But the most unique detail about Nite Cap lies right above you: the ceiling. You'll spend hours trying to read each commemorative tile that pays tribute to loved ones and pets who have died, businesses that have closed their doors for good, and cars that have been wrecked. Sure, you'll spot some squares that seem like they've been sitting there for decades, but that's just how old Nite Cap is.

The shuffle board at Round Table.
The shuffle board at Round Table.
Photo by Laurie Charles

9. Round Table Sports Bar

Bar goers have been drinking like royalty at Round Table Sports Bar for over 30 years. From the outside, the Liberty City drinking den looks like some sort of castle structure reminiscent of King Arthur and his knights, but once you get buzzed in, you'll discover a collection of vintage photographs, neon-lit Miami Dolphins and University of Miami signage, a red NASCAR, and one of the oldest shuffle boards in the 305. Although Round Table has been around for over three decades, the building has been used as a bar for more than a half-century. Located in one of the roughest parts of town, Round Table has witnessed its fair share of drama throughout the years, but one of the most interesting tidbits about the bar are the people who've drank there, most notably drug kingpin Mickey Munday AKA the "last surviving Cocaine Cowboy."

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