Ten Most-Viewed YouTube Music Videos Ever

Korea has officially taken over the world.

Alright, not really. But one Korean pop star has completely dominated the worldwide web in just four months.

Have you seen Psy's "Gangnam Style" yet?" Chances are you've watched it at least a hundred times. Because it just took the top spot as the most viewed YouTube video in the history of ever.

Most of us can't understand a word of the damn thing, nor does anyone seem to care. It's all about that stupid dance, bro. It rules.

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But what sort of competition does "Gangnam Style" have anyway? What the hell were you all frantically re-watching before "dress classy, dance cheesy" became this week's YOLO?

Check it out, these are the top ten YouTube music videos of all time.

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10. Eminem's "Not Afraid"

This introspective gem isn't exactly what we'd call Eminem's best song. But apparently, y'all can't get enough of it. Uploaded on June 4, 2010, the video has racked up 375,870,387 views in the last few years. We imagine it must be because of the exquisite lyrical content than for the imagery, because it's basically just Em walking around Detroit and rapping to himself in a dingy basement. There is a cool, trippy mirror scene, though. This video also doubles as a Beats by Dre advertisement.

9. Don Omar's "Danza Kuduro" Featuring Lucenzo

The acting in this catchy video's intro is so bad we are totally in love with it. Much like how everyone can't get enough of this infectious tropical beat. The clip has gotten a lot of love -- 406,696,891 views since it was uploaded on August 11, 2010. Besides being a total humdinger, this video features a lot of scantily clad models dancing around some of the most beautiful beach locations on Planet Earth. Plus, fancy yachts.


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