Ten Most Played-Out EDM Songs

Deadmau5 is the only one who should still be playing his old hits.
Deadmau5 is the only one who should still be playing his old hits.

Some songs just never die.

You could run them into the ground at 100 mph, but they'll be right there around the corner, waiting to be dropped in the very next set you hear. Some of them have been around for decades. And some of them are new, but feel as old and used as a middle-aged whore.

In a world where Daft Punk's "One More Time" never gets old, these jams don't shine with the same color-safe, 30-wash brilliance. Here are Crossfade's ten most played-out EDM songs.

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Sandro Silva and Quintino's "Epic"

Alright y'all. This track from Quintino and Sandro Silva track is sick as fuck. That minimal drop set our ass on fire the first ten times we heard it at a festival. But now it's starting to be less and less exciting. Giving it a trap rinse doesn't make things any better either. It actually just makes them worse.

Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"

Yeah yeah, Skrillex changed the world with his music, and this was his first big hit. We're all still reeling from the bass womps and reverb, but isn't it time we give this OG banger a rest? Like, why have we heard it in every dubstep set since 2010? Isn't there more to the scene than that?

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