Ten Gay Rappers Breaking Down Barriers and Bringing Dat Heat

Hip-hop has rarely been heralded for its acceptance of the gay community, but all things must change with time.

Lots of rappers and hip-hoppers are speculated to be gay. Lil B seemed like he was coming out when he dropped a mixtape entitled I'm Gay (I'm Happy), but denied it. Meanwhile, Frank Ocean's admitted to having once been in love with a man.

But what about being out and proud? Where's our here and queer brothers on the mike? Turns out, there's a good number of openly homosexual rappers really packing a punch, and they've got no qualms about breaking down barriers and bringin dat heat.

Sissy Rich

This Floridian MC is hot with the freestyles and calls himself "The 1st Gay Rapper." Since 2007, Sissy been working hard in the game, earning more than 50,000 "Likes" on Facebook. Doesn't it make you proud, FLA?

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Meet Omar (AKA DDm) Baltimore's fiercest wordsmith and first openly gay rapper. The self-proclaimed "#1 stunner butch queen" has both sass and swagger for days, plus enough flow to hang with the biggest boys.

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