Ten Drug-Addicted Pop Stars

Gaga couldn't quit the reefer.
Gaga couldn't quit the reefer.

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll go together so well that people just wear t-shirts that say, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll." But what about pop music?

It turns out drugs and pop music go together like money and excess. But in the pop music world, being a substance abuser is a lot less glamorous. Pop musicians are supposed to be bubbly, shiny, perfect beings, not doped-up slack jaws with crazy-ass hair.

It's a double standard. But it's a harsh reality that's forced many entertainers to hide and lie about their addictions for years.

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Robbie Williams

The only music video we remember seeing of Robbie Williams' career is some weird song where he ripped all his skin off, but to the rest of the world, Robbie Williams is something like another white Michael Jackson. But even with most of the world's respect and adoration at his feet, Williams fell victim to the ways of cocaine. He admitted to the Daily Mail just how severe the danger became. "I was taking a whole cocktail of drugs. My left arm went numb I was taking so much," he said. "I managed to escape by the skin of my teeth and I'm lucky. I was days away from dying quite a few times on all manner of substances." This was all back in the '90s, and Williams is doing much better now, making him one of the lucky ones.

Lady Gaga

It's no secret that Gaga struggles with fame. But did you realize to what extent she'll go for a little release? We admit, it was hard not to LOL when reading her comments from a Z100 radio interview. "I was smoking up to 15, 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco," she said. "I was living on a totally other psychedelic plane, numbing myself completely." Sure, what Gaga calls addiction, Snoop Dogg calls breakfast, but that doesn't mean her dependence on weed to get her through the day wasn't doing damage. The Artpop star admits she continues to battle addiction in many different forms. Hey, at least she's got self-awareness on her side.

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