Ten Best Songs for Getting Drunk, According to Miami Boozers

When Casey Quaife is heavily intoxicated, all he needs is some GNR therapy.
When Casey Quaife is heavily intoxicated, all he needs is some GNR therapy.
Photo by Laurie Charles

Hipsters rockin' body suits, high-waist shorts, and large, dark-framed glasses, mid-aged men in fedora hats, rockers with tattoos up and down their arms, and tourists from California wearing white wife-beaters on their backs and Converse on their feet were sitting on a black couch and standing by the bar at Kill Your Idol with a statue of Bruce Lee staring at them.

It was karaoke night at the SoBe hot spot and the overly zealous, inebriated crowd was cheering on those who had enough liquid courage in their system (or natural talent?) to get on stage, grab the mike, and scream sing at the top of their lungs.

Although it may sound like a horrible idea while sober, once you've had several brewskies, your filter of shame loosens and things that seemed embarrassing become insightful discoveries, especially when accompanied by the right music.

Here are the ten best songs to get drunk to, according to Miami drunkies.

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"Estranged" by Guns N' Roses

"If I'm in a good mood, I'll listen to Guns N' Roses," said Casey Quaife.

"I'm a real big fan and even have a tattoo of them," he said as he showed off his inked sleeve. "'Estranged' is a good one."

You can't go wrong with GNR.

"Specialist" by Interpol

"'Specialist' by Interpol," said Jackson Harris who had just finished watching a rendition of Usher's "Let It Burn."

That's a mellow dramatic song to listen to while heavily intoxicated, but for the emotional drunks, we'd say it's quite appropriate.

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