Ten Best Songs for Forgetting Your Ex and F#$%ing the Pain Away

Breaking up sucks. But the best way to get over that shitty someone is getting back up on it with someone else.

No, we don't mean jump right into another relationship. That'd foolish and it won't heal anything. What a freshly broken heart needs is a strange, meaningless sexual encounter with someone you probably won't ever see again.

C'mon, we've all been there. And in case you find yourself there now (or very soon), here is Crossfade's list of scandalous rebound sex songs.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Date With the Night"

Nothing says unholy rebound sex like a gritty guitar riff. Plus, Karen O's voice is pretty much dirty love personified. The swagger on this number is extremely empowering. A date with the night is what any thrown-away heart needs to get back on track. Just go out there and knock 'em dead, no mercy.

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Phantogram's "As Far As I Can See"

In this case, sex isn't about two humans coming together in love. But two people coming together out of love. This song asks, when no one loves you and no one loves me, why can't we love each other? Don't worry about anything, just let what feels right happen. And don't stress about it in the morning.

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