Ten Best Female DJs

Annie Mac and the rest of the women on our list break records and make records all day.
Annie Mac and the rest of the women on our list break records and make records all day.

We here at Crossfade recently got all up in the EDM scene's face about its lack of respect for the ladies. And part of our argument was that women who rave don't get the love they deserve, even though some of the finest talent in the game comes equipped with a vagina.

So in the hope of enlightening the masses and giving credit where credit is due, here is our list of EDM's ten best female DJs. You won't see any models-turned-turntable here. We kind of can't stand that sort of thing.

Instead, you'll find exactly what you should: a bunch of damn good DJs. And that's all she wrote.

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10. Louisahhh!!!

Call her the house revival's princess of darkness. Louisahhh!!! released her freshman solo EP through Bromance records in 2013. Of course, she's been a fixture in NYC nightlife for much longer, having started her career as a member of production duo NYCPARTYINFO. Ironically, it's her voice that cut through the noise. A vocal track provided for Miami's own Danny Daze brought her notoriety. You may recognize that voice from Brodinski's smash "Control Movement." Now, she sings on her own tracks and puts those pieces together on the deck like a puzzle of tainted sensuality. A musical journey with Louisahhh!!! takes you to shadowy places. Her edge creeps up until it bites you in the face. She's not the most technically skilled woman on our list, but for her stylish composition and unique depth, we applaud her.

9. Kittens

Are you up on this mixin' vixen? We actually just discovered her ourselves, but one listen to her futuristically sexy R&B sets, and we're immediately smitten with Kittens. Based in L.A., the hip-hop record boss may have missed our radar until now, but according to LA taste-makers iheartcomix, she's played stadiums with Kid Cudi and private parties for Usher. As part of the Huh What & Where roster, her peers include Kaytranada, Sweater Beats and Ta-Ku, among others. S/o to the other two ladies on HW&W, Sosupersam and Austronautica. We're about to be all up in your shit, too. Promise.

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