Ten Best Drug-Fueled Music Videos

Ten Best Drug-Fueled Music Videos

Drugs are bad, mmk? Almost everyone does them, but it's totally not rad to depict people having a drug-fueled good time in your music video. Especially not if you're signed to PMR Records.

England's Disclosure is a couple of cool bros who probably do drugs, but when they put drug use in a new clip for "Help Me Lose My Mind," PMR pulled it faster than Paris Hilton's new track can clear a dance floor.

The label execs were scared the promo glamorized drugs, but let's face it, druggy visuals are lots of fun. To prove this point, we're sharing ten of our favorite vids. This is what you're missing out on, PMR.

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10. Modestep's "Sunlight"

We're kicking it off hardcore and breaking down barriers with Modestep's ode to tough mornings. Who said drugs are only for misguided youth? Seniors aren't dead yet, and they've got decades of partying experience to put your little outings to shame. Watch as these geriatrics drink, smoke, and snort their way into morning.

9. The Internet's "Cocaine"

Here's a pretty song about Miami's drug of choice. This beat is hella slick, and the video has us convinced carnivals and cocaine go together like meth and the Midwest. Our favorite part of the video is when the bitch gets kicked out of the car for falling asleep. Ain't no room in this truck for girls who can't hang.


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