Ten Best DJ Booths in EDM: From DJ Shadow to Skrillex, Avicii, and Daft Punk

Skrillex's DJ booth is a beat-freaking spaceship.
Skrillex's DJ booth is a beat-freaking spaceship.
Photo by Ian Witlen

Ask any raver in the world and they'll tell you all about how "I'm totally in it for the music, bro."

But contrary to that theory, next-level, mind-blowing visuals are an increasingly important aspect of the electronic dance music scene.

Some of the best and most beloved DJs from all genres are throwing millions of dollars into their arena-sized LED displays. Mostly because DJs are overpaid. But also because all these music-loving kids are addicted to shiny things.

Now whose stage-game reigns supreme? Well, that should be obvious. But why don't you get that glow stick out of our face and check out Crossfade's list of the ten best DJ booths in EDM.

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10. Midnight Conspiracy

This dark Chicago duo plays the heaviest in electro and dubstep. For their most recent tour, they pumped thousands of dollars into a custom 15-foot Illuminati pyramid called "The Eye." This shit shoots lasers like death rays and oscillates colors while filling with smoke. The bros do their thing inside, looking out at the crowd from the eyeball itself. It looks a bit like another pyramid on our list, but we won't call shenanigans.

9. Big Gigantic

Colorado's Big G already had a cult following because saxophones and dubstep are apparently one of the coolest combinations since peanut butter and chocolate. But they kicked up their asking price a bit when they revealed a brand-new rig. Now the guys perform within two totally mind-blowing light capsules. It's quite impressive in person, and the sax still sounds like sex.

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