Ten Albums You Didn't Know Were Recorded in Miami

Does the Weeknd record in Miami? Yes, he does.
Does the Weeknd record in Miami? Yes, he does.
Photo by Alex Broadwell

Miami is slowly building a name for itself as one of the great music cities in the U.S., but the 305 has been an under-the-radar favorite for decades.

Pop, rap, R&B, and rock superstars come to Miami to escape the spotlight and the grind. They can get their party on and they can also hit up one of our hidden top-of-the-line recording studios to make magic happen. There's tons of inspiration, from the sun and sand to the beautiful people, delicious food, and melding cultures.

You may know Fleetwood Mac visited Miami to record Rumours, and maybe you even know about the Eagles coming here to make Hotel California, but we're pretty sure you had no idea that our city helped make these ten contemporary classics.

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Missy Elliott's The Cookbook

Everyone misses Missy. She's been gone for too long. But did you know her classic 2005 The Cookbook was mostly recorded in Miami? In an interview with Billboard, Elliott says the album is her greatest work. She was in "a really great space" at the time -- and that space, of course, was the Magic City. The Cookbook was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys, but it lost to Kanye West's Late Registration. She did, however, win the Best Short Form Music Video category at the Grammys for "Lose Yourself."

Creed's My Own Prison

If you've been keeping up with recent pop gossip, you're probably aware that Creed frontman Scott Stapp is allegedly losing his damn mind, running around without a shirt in Boca Raton. What you may not be aware of, however, is that Creed's My Own Prison was recorded right here in the 305. It was the angry Christian band's debut and included such inescapable megahits as "One" and "What's This Life For." According to an interview with manager Jeff Hanson, it was recorded for $6,000 and moved 6,000 units in the first two months in Florida alone. Eventually, the album sold over six million copies.

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