Techno Viking, the patron saint of all ravers.
Techno Viking, the patron saint of all ravers.

Techno Viking and Four More Viral Video Heroes of Rave

Raving, like so many other once innocent pleasures of a bygone era, has become the object of merciless mockery in our culture.

But there used to be a time when raving was just honest, good un-ironic fun. And unsurprisingly, there are plenty of rave heroes, bless their souls, keeping the party alive today.

See the cut for five viral video heroes of rave.

1. The Techno Viking

Nothing says badass like a 21st-century viking who can lay down some

disciplinary action on unruly ravers while also busting a move. Just remember ... Techno Viking doesn't dance to the music, the music dances to Techno Viking. 

2. The Party Starter
That one tweaked-out douchebag dancing like nobody's watching at any given party is actually carrying the flame of epic good times. He's the chosen one. Will you follow him?

3. The Rave Guru

You just have to respect a guy who took the time to make a whole video

series teaching folks how to rave. Make fun of glowsticking all you want ... That shit is hard to do!

4. The Dubstep Baby

Teach them while they're young!

5. Everyone in This Video

After raving for three days straight on crystal meth in a Siberian forest, even donk starts to sound awesome. All we know is these Russians know how to fucking party!

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