Tech N9ne at Culture Room July 29

Tech N9ne has always lurked on the fringes of the larger hip-hop industry, and it seems he prefers it that way.

The Kansas City, Missouri rapper has been rhyming longer than most of his fans have been alive — more than two and a half decades — and sold more than a million albums, all without the usual radio, label, or television support. How has he done it? By good, old DIY tactics: constant touring, constant interaction with fans, and constant release of new material on his own label, Strange Music. Plus a blazing-fast, aggressive lyrical style that enjoys fandom from both underground and street-level heads as well as a healthy smattering of juggalo-ish types.

However, one of the best things about Tech N9ne is that game recognizes game. Tech recently signed fellow self-made hustlers ¡Mayday!, Miami's premier live hip-hop crew. And the group has been supporting him throughout the States on a tour that finally arrives in South Florida this Friday.


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