Taylor Swift's Top Ten Awkward Dance GIFs

Taylor Swift is coming to town. She'll be singing about heartbreak and no-gooders and bad romantic decisions.

Of course, that's all swell and splendid, but we want to see Tay-Tay's other talents on display.

And no, we're not talking about her ta-tas. Girl has some dank dance moves. And by dank, we mean lanky, awkward white girl strut. But that's her swag, and she rocks it well.

We can all learn a lot from watching Swift's two-and-a-half-steps. Just check out her top ten dance GIFs.

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The Excited Sing-Along

Before making it big, most celebrities and industry professionals are run through some kind of de-funning machine. They seem to lose all personality and playfulness in return for a hip jacket and a down-the-nose point of view. But not Taylor. She avoided the devil's soul-sucking contract, and she still belts it out like a true fan girl. Kudos to you.

The Happy Head Nod

Even if the song you're enjoying is sweet and soft, there's still a way to shine and be a star. Show the artist that they've got your complete attention with a beaming smile and a rockin' head bob. This is a good way to warm up. So use it early in the evening before you bust out the big moves.

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