Taylor Swift Goes Dubstep! Five Reasons Pop Stars Gotta Stop Whoring Out EDM

Taylor Swift knows not what she is about to do, and we here at Crossfade can only scream at her from the sidelines: "Taylor, wat r u doin? Taylor, stahp!"

In a recent interview with MTV, the country-pop superstar said she unwittingly experimented with the once-underground UK sounds of dubstep on her forthcoming album Red, and we really couldn't be more disgusted.

Like, rly doe? Swiftstep, you're going there? This is the last thing the world needs, and here are five reasons to back away from the wobble and go home.

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5. Whatever Happened to Country Music?

First of all, WTF? Isn't Taylor Swift supposed to be a "country music" star? We'll concede there's almost nothing country about her. The catchy, twangless, valley-girl sound makes John Denver look like a rough and rugged dirt road. How is the Midwest even relating to her at this point? Adding dubstep to the equation really seals the deal. Taylor Swift is about as country as Kim Kardashian's new Red Bottoms. Actually, country music might just be dead. Have you seen CMT lately? Gross.

4. The World Already Has Spearstep and Bieberstep

It's not like the radio hasn't already been flooded with shitty pop versions of the grimey dubstep reverbs. Britney Spears blew the lid off the sucker with her tragic "Hold It Against Me." Then Justin Bieber recently wub-dubbed all over "As Long As You Love Me." And songs that already existed, like "Le7els," got a dose of the dub when they hit radio, via Flo Rida's "Good Feeling." Now this sugary twat needs to infuse her acoustic break-up bullshit with the nastiness? Please, spare us.

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