Worship the beach with Tanlines' tropical chillwave.
Worship the beach with Tanlines' tropical chillwave.
Shawn Brackbill

Tanlines at Bardot July 19

Humans are obsessed with the beach because it reminds us that we are merely sacks of flesh fulfilling the evolutionary teleology that began when all life on Earth was, like, primordial soup. This is about more than sand, saltwater, and boobies, dammit. We're talking about the birthplace of our existence. The ocean was the pot we were stewed in. And la playa was the ground our ancient ancestors slithered upon after foolishly opting to flee the sea.

Like the rest of humankind, you might consider Tanlines' Eric Emm, Jesse Cohen, and the tropical hipsters who love them to be a bunch of beachy worshippers. Borrowing from the shiniest, smoothest electro and indie-pop, these two Brooklyn-based dudes are high priests of the sandbar conducting their most holy ritual. The rhythm is sprightly and sufficiently danceable for late-night grillin'. The vocals are friendly and clear, at times sounding like Animal Collective (or Panda Bear) without reverb slopped all over everything. And the steel drums ring out with the abandon of summer vacation.

You might even call the group tropical chillwave. Or you might not give a shit about genres and simply need a soundtrack for chugging Corona while wearing brightly colored glasses without lenses. And hey, it's your biological destiny.


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