Jesse Cohen (former Professor Murder keyboardist) and Eric Emm (former Don Caballero bassist) started Tanlines as a production team at the peak of summer 2008, releasing a string of remixes for bands such as Telepathe, El Guincho, and Au Revoir Simone. But eventually, Tanlines morphed into something else: a band, cranking out original songs filled with bellowing vocals, guitar arpeggios, and electrified Latin beats, all submerged in a sea of chopped-up samples. They've been staring down computers and tinkering with sound at Emm's studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for the past year and a half. And now, after all of those singles and remixes, they finally released their debut EP, Settings, on True Panther, this past March 9. Their show this Wednesday with Nite Jewel, presented by Nightdrive, will be a coming-out party for the band as well as for the Poplife crew's new downtown event space, Grand Central.


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